12 x 16 Gambrel Buliding

This is short video of a 12′ x 16′ Mini Barn type Gambrel Building it has a lot of room up in the loft area could have quite a bit more with less used for access

A good sized mini barn type storage building good for a lawn tractor and lots of room to spare..

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  1. jimmy relaford says:

    after searching and reading until i thought my brain would explode, i came across this clip. suddenly, it all came together. actually being able to see the basic layout helped me greatly. plus the clip was of a 12×16′ gambrel roof shed, which is the size of the shed i’m building. and your right, just about every site i went to wanted me to buy stuff. thanx alot. now i’m confident about building this style of roof. again, thank you!

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