Dutch Gambrel Houses

Dutch Gambrel Houses

Barn Homes and Dutch Gambrel houses are descriptions that often used interchangeably for most all homes that have the gambrel roofs.

But there is really the original dutch gambrel style houses that were built back in the late 1600’s and 1700’s by the Dutch colonist in the Mid-Atlantic colonies, and at the time were popular for having almost a full second floor, for a lower cost than building a full two story house, and also very important at the time, taxed at a lower amount, as being considered, still a single story house.

Stockade District - Schenectady, New York
Creative Commons License photo credit: dougtone

The Dutch Colonial was a part of the Colonial Revival of the late 1800’s and 1900’s that included many homes with the dutch gambrel type Roof many with big porches and wide dormers and flared eves, and sometimes the houses were basically two story homes with overhang’s and eves, built to make it look like a gambrel roof, with two full width dormers.

313 Overbrook Road
Creative Commons License photo credit: taberandrew

Now their are more combination’s of gambrel buildings that are used for homes, from converted old barns, more recently built “barn” homes and smaller type country cabins, and even garages with loft apartments, with different sizes and types of construction, and and materials and all, often called Dutch Gambrel Houses.

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