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Gambrel Buildings is all about Buildings with Gambrel Roofs.

Gambrel Buildings is about simple buildings that use a “barn roof” to get more room out of the roof design than the usual single roof pitch  buildings, and for most all types of buildings and uses,  from homes,  garages, or workshops,  mini-barns and sheds, and all with that added advantage of more useable room, and used for anything from a storage loft, or to even an office or apartment up there..  and also all about all the angles of any and everything in between…

And, that are also built with the many different types of materials and construction,  from massive old timber framed post and beam barns,  to modern style steel buildings used for horse and tractor barns… and to also the many types of modern suburban “mini barn” types of buildings,  to even the backyard storage buildings and little garden sheds…

But what they all have in common is that very usable  and sometimes,  very substantial,  added extra space that is created by having two different roof  pitches of varying angles on each side of the building, that combination of two angles that is called the gambrel, that is about the same angle and kinda looks like… a horses hind leg… and is also were it originally got the name.

701 Chamberlayne Parkway
Creative Commons License photo credit: taberandrew

The combination of the two roof angles usually do vary a lot on most gambrel buildings,  as with the gambrel roof proportions,  the rafter lengths, and just about as much as the many different types of materials and methods of construction that are used, and also even  just depending on who built or designed the building, and on the size and width of the building, and the planned use of the building…

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  1. Jimmy Fuller says:

    I am looking for detailed drawings for a 12 x 16 mini barn with the doors on the long side of the building and small windows on each side of the doors. Do you have plans like this or know where I may get them?

  2. Greg says:

    Where can I get plans for a gambrel 10×12 shed with soffits. I really like the ones on your website. thanks Greg

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